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SCP-RP Rules - Vac - 01-25-2019

SCP Rules

General Rules:

  1. Use common sense
  2. Respect other players
  3. English only
  4. Threatening to DDoS or DOX players/the server will result in a permanent ban
  5. Do not spam in any way
  6. Do not display pornography or otherwise graphic material
  7. Do not advertise in any way
  8. Do not abuse bugs/exploits
  9. Do not abuse loopholes the rules
  10. Do not hack
  11. Do not blackmail anyone
  12. Do not use alternative accounts to avoid restrictions

Roleplay Rules:

  1. Do not RDM
  2. Do not FailRP
  3. Do not Metagame
  4. Do not break NLR
  5. Do not Minge
  6. Do not break FearRP
  7. Do not scam players
  8. Do not bait players (ex: shooting near a player in hopes they shoot back)
Non-Roleplay Rules:

  1. When brought to an admin sit or while being punished do not attempt to escape, disconnect from the server, or break any rules listed previously
  2. Staff have final say in a sit, if you disagree with their decision report it on the forums
  3. Do not discuss a resolved sit in OOC or admin chat when it has ended, once again bring it to the forums
  4. Witnesses will not be used in admin sits, only proof will be accepted (images/video)
  5. Do not request for another staff member or higher up when brought to a sit
  6. Respect the chain of command (do not request for an admin when a moderator is online)
  7. Do not falsely report players, you will be punished as a result
  8. Do not suggest/tell a staff member how/what to do
  9. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something then stop
  10. Do not interfere with admin sits
  11. Staff are not obligated to compensate anything lost
  12. Any rule not listed here cannot be used against a player, otherwise rules can be suggested on the forums

All rules are not final and will possibly be altered in the future, if there are any questions regarding a rule’s meaning contact dark.