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Please familiarize yourself with the server's rules as "I did not know that was a rule" is unacceptable.

By selecting "Close" you have read and agree to follow these rules.


General Server Rules


  1. The staff have the final say in ALL situations. Do not argue with them. If you feel wronged in some way by an admin, file a report on the forums.
  2. Refrain from excessive raging.
  3. No ghosting [1 Week Ban then PermaBan]
  4. No spamming [Gag/Mute then Ban]
  5. No claiming rooms [Kick then 1 Hour Ban]
  6. No prop surfing [Kick then 1 Hour Ban]
  7. Make sure your nickname is readable in English [Kick then 1 Hour Ban]
  8. No hacking [Instant PermaBan]
  9. No Racism or Discrimination [Gag/Mute then Ban]
  10. No Porn / Gore Sprays [Instant SprayBan, appeal on forums]
  11. No pre-round prop killing [Slay then Ban]
  12. Respect all server staff [Gag/Mute then 1 Day Ban]
  13. No map exploiting [Kick/Hour Ban/1 Day Ban]
  14. No trading items or advertising trading items [Kick/Hour Ban/1 Day Ban]
  15. No advertising other servers or personal stuff [Kick/Hour Ban/1 Day Ban]

  16. Breaking any rule multiple times will eventually lead to a permanent ban by upper management.
  17. All bans can be appealed on our website at InnovativeGamers.net


Innocent/Detective Specific Rules


  1. Do not RDM
  2. Do not False KoS
  3. There are no "detective's orders."
  4. Do not randomly golden-gun players. Always ask their permission first.
  5. Do not KoS someone for not complying to a golden-gun test
  6. You may not kill people for following you UNLESS you have given them three warnings within at least 10 seconds apart from the last warning
  7. Below is a list of punishments one would incur if a rule is broken.


Traitor Specific Rules


  1. Killing your traitor teammates is RDM that entails severe punishment
  2. Do not delay when there are opportunities to kill innocents
  3. Do not camp!
  4. Below is a list of punishments one would incur if a rule is broken.




What can I KOS for?

  1. Shooting towards other players.
  2. Throwing lethal (incendiary) grenades at other players.
  3. Not identifying bodies.
  4. Planting C4, SLAMS, Decoys, etc.
  5. Having traitor-specific weapons (Knife, C4, Shuriken, Jihad, etc). However, items given during random weapon rounds are not grounds for a KOS
  6. Hiding traitor equipment is KOSable.
  7. Entering/Leaving Traitor-only Area.
  8. Approaching another player with an explosive prop.
  9. If a player uses long-fall boots (listen for a compression sound after they fall).
  10. Traitors are only allowed to call a KOS on innocents if they are in combat with that innocent or that innocent called a KOS on them first.
  11. You can KOS if a player announces that they are a traitor.
  12. You cannot physically see body armor or long-fall boots on a traitor.

Traitor Baiting

  1. Traitor baiting occurs when an innocent player shoots at other innocent players, intentionally throwing dangerous grenades towards them, or any other traitorous acts.
  2. Traitor baiting is not allowed and will result in punishment.

What is considered RDM?

  1. Randomly damaging other players
  2. Randomly killing other players
  3. Killing someone based on suspicion
  4. Randomly killing someone with props

What is considered ghosting?

  1. Ghosting is considered using anything except for in-game communications to inform other in-game players of events to gain an advantage. NOTE: This includes our own Discord server. Please use Discord only when you are spectating.
  2. To ensure that you are not ghosting, be sure to only use in-game chat, voice chat, or spectator chat.

  3. Game Specific Punishments

    RDM of an Innocent or Detective

    1. 1st Time = Slay the following round.
    2. 2nd Time = Slay the following two rounds.
    3. 3rd Time = 48 hour ban.
    4. 4th Time = 1 week ban.
    5. 5th Time = 1 month ban
    6. Continuous intentional RDM will result in a permanent ban from upper management.

    7. Multiple Innocent RDMs during a single round will result in a minimum of 1 day ban. A day will be added for each RDM up to 3, then permanent ban for Mass RDM.

    RDM of a Traitor

    1. 1st Time = 1 hour ban.
    2. 2nd Time = 1 week ban.
    3. 3rd Time = 1 month ban.
    4. RDM a traitor buddy = 1 week ban.
    5. Continuous intentional RDM will result in a permanent ban from upper management.
    6. RDMing a traitor and leaving automatically becomes a 1 week ban.
    7. RDMing with friends "for fun" will result in an instant permanent ban for anyone involved.

    Traitor Baiting

    1. 1st Time = Slay the following round.
    2. 2nd Time = 1 hour ban.
    3. 3rd Time = 1 week ban.
    4. Continuous traitor baiting will result in a permanent ban from upper management.

  4. Any punishment not listed here has a minimum 1 hour ban and a maximum of a 3 day ban until further reviewed by upper management. Ban time discretion is up to staff on server!

  5. - The Innovative Gamers Staff Team